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Advantages and surface requirements of plastic water tank for sprayer
Jan 08, 2019

In the process of making the plastic water tank of the sprayer, the polyethylene is mainly used as raw material, and it is molded once on the rotomolding mold, which effectively compensates for the rigidity of the whole plastic rotomolding storage tank to a certain extent, and is not resistant to pressure and resistance the shortcomings of the temperature difference.The inner lining of the product is smooth and sturdy, compared with traditional steel-lined plastic plate storage tanks, steel-lined rubber storage tanks, steel-lined glass reinforced plastic storage tanks, FRP containers, plastic welded containers, steel-lined FRP containers, and steel-lined rubber containers. It has better corrosion resistance, no leakage, no peeling, wear resistance, resistance to certain pressure, high temperature resistance, long life and so on. Its price is lower than the traditional storage tank of the same specification, which is storage corrosion the ideal container for liquids.

It can replace stainless steel, nickel, titanium and other materials in a considerable range, and is therefore an extremely excellent corrosion-resistant storage tank.

Characteristics of the plastic water tank for sprayer

1. Economical and durable: the plastic barrel body is integrally formed without bonding, smooth inside and outside, no leakage, not easy to break.

2. Tough texture: light and tough, easy to handle, shockproof, impact resistant and UV resistant, not easy to age, long life.

3. Good resistance: excellent resistance to various acids and bases.

4. Clean and beautiful: the appearance of the streamline is beautiful and not easy to be dirty, and the dirt can be easily removed.

5. Economical and durable: the barrel body is integrally formed without bonding, and the inside and outside are smooth, no leakage, and not easy to be broken.

6. Heat and frost resistance: good heat and frost resistance, can be used from 90 ° C to -40 ° C.

7. Hygienic: non-toxic, easy to clean, anti-rat, anti-termite, in line with health standards


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