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Advantages of plastic bleacher seats
Dec 03, 2018

The plastic bleacher seats are made of imported polyethylene and hollow blow molding process. The concrete appearance is full, the line is smooth, durable, weather resistant, easy to clean, widely used, etc., and can be used on general foundation. Simple and quick to install; the fixtures are rugged and durable for everyday seating in sports venues.

The plastic bleacher seats adopt a novel design and shows the advantages of fine craftsmanship, long service life and impact resistance. From the raw material point of view, the plastic stand chair is made of imported high-strength polyethylene. The international industry standard special plastics, pigments, UV absorbers and antioxidants can prevent wear and fading.

At the same time, the strength of the plastic stand chair is excellent, in line with international standards, and the mechanical properties are superior to the national standard. Moreover, most of the plastic chairs are made of the original plastic. The biggest feature of the original plastics is the light weight. The chairs made of the original plastics are generally very light, and people can move them to any place.


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