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Application characteristics of portable plastic toolbox and factors influencing production
Aug 31, 2018

The portable plastic toolbox has unique advantages in many toolbox products, and its size is small and suitable for carrying. Some portable plastic toolboxes have hooks with two rows of through slots in the housing, a tool head is inserted into the slot, and a handle is inserted at one end of the housing. The handle has a through hole of the same size as the tool head, and the handle is There are also corrugated grooves on the tool head.


With the continuous development of technology and the change of people's minds, the portable plastic toolbox not only has improved the internal structure, but also has innovative design and materials. In the production process, there are many factors that affect the final quality of the product.


In general, when making portable plastic toolboxes, the main factors involved are: structural design, material selection and actual production process level. When choosing a portable plastic toolbox, it can be judged mainly through three aspects:

1. Appearance quality, including integrity, color, gloss;

2. Dimensional accuracy and positional accuracy;

3. Mechanical properties and chemistry corresponding to the application. Performance, electrical performance, etc., ie functionality.



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