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Cleaning requirements and curved design for the plastic outdoor umbrella stand
Jan 17, 2019

The plastic outdoor umbrella stand adopts its special water tank base when it is selected. It is 6KG before water injection and about 55KG after water injection. The combination of the main body and the seat makes it more stable and stable.

The traditional marble base is expensive in transportation and easy to break. It is cumbersome and inconvenient to use, and the water chestnut is easy to hurt.

Our tank base is easy to transport and use. It is resistant to pressure, anti-fall and anti-aging. The corners are curved and will not hurt people.

The umbrella of the plastic outdoor umbrella stand can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal position or 90 degrees in the vertical direction. Therefore, it is named after the precise design of the transmission mechanism system. The hand or the pedal pedal rotates, and the tilt can be lifted and lowered. It's easy to use, and one can easily open and close.

If it is not necessary. Do not clean the umbrella. If it is necessary to clean it, it is best to wash the umbrella surface only with water.


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