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Corrosion resistance and design requirements of portable plastic toolbox
Oct 18, 2018

The portable plastic toolbox is specially designed for storage tools. It is more appropriate and professional in the division of internal storage space, handle design during handling, strength of the cabinet, surface stain resistance and corrosion resistance. With the acceleration of national construction, hardware tools are becoming more and more popular in people's lives.


However, with the diversification of people's lifestyles, the carrying of work and life has become a difficulty. We can't live without tools in our daily life, and the toolbox is different depending on the occasion.


Classification of portable plastic toolboxes

1. The plastic toolbox is generally used for storing hardware tools and is made of engineering materials with high strength and impact resistance.

2, aluminum alloy toolbox has very good mechanical properties, so it can be heat treated and welded, is the most commonly used aluminum alloy.

3. The physical toolbox is a box for storing various tools with different functions and functions.

4. The metal toolbox can be divided into portable, two-pump and tipping toolboxes, which are generally made of galvanized phosphated steel.


Ordinary plastics are bad conductors of the point, so plastics have a wide range of applications in the electronics industry and machinery industry, such as plastic toolboxes, plastic packaging boxes, plastic waterproof boxes. There are many plastic properties, some are as hard as stone and steel, and some are soft like paper, leather, etc. Therefore, the indexing range of plastic products is very wide, and there is a great choice.


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