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Design highlights of hardware plastic toolbox
Aug 27, 2018

The hardware plastic toolbox is usually a hollow toolbox with a structural design. It has different sizes and specifications, and the overall design is simple and generous. The hardware plastic toolbox can be manufactured by unique injection molding, which makes the product stronger, the smooth surface treatment is easier to wipe the oil stain, and the toolbox hand is made of soft rubber integral injection molding, which is more ergonomic.


The hardware and plastic toolbox makes it easy to store different tool modules, and the tool case is sturdy and durable. The product size is moderately designed and easy to use. The finished product has the advantages of shockproof, beautiful and affordable, and will not be broken or deformed due to temperature differences.


Highlights in design:

1. The interior of the hardware plastic toolbox adopts an extra large space design to meet the requirements of use to the utmost extent;

2, the toolbox as a whole uses a unique body waterproof design to effectively protect the contents of the box;

3, ergonomic dual material handle design, making the palm more comfortable fit;

4, the handle design is reasonable, making the carrying is convenient and easy.


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