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Design space and rotomolding process of plastic toilet water tank
Oct 29, 2018

The plastic toilet tank is finally formed under the high temperature and rotating process during the production process, unlike the parts formed under the heavy pressure, so the rotomolding mold does not need to pass through the injection molding process. Special processing can withstand the test of heavy pressure.


The production cost of plastic toilet water tanks mainly for the production of conversion products will also decrease, and it will often require more raw materials due to the conversion of lightweight plastics into heavy plastics. For the rotomolding process, a single prototype that saves cost will be its future high-volume development trend.


The plastic toilet tank provides more design space by its rotomolding process. The rotomolding process can combine several parts into a complete mold in the case of reasonable drawing design in the early stage, which greatly reduces the high cost. Assembly costs. The rotomolding process allows product designers to enjoy the endless imagination. Designers can choose the best materials for the production process, including the various materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


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