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Development direction and performance improvement of water filled plastic traffic barriers
Dec 26, 2018

The water filled plastic traffic barriers mainly refer to the effective use of systems engineering and information science theory with the support of computer software and hardware, and to a certain extent comprehensively analyze and deal with urban natural, economic, social, transportation, etc. A technical system of attribute information and spatial location.

The development direction of water filled plastic traffic barriers can be summarized in two aspects. The first is to improve the performance, that is, to modify the existing varieties in various ways to improve their comprehensive performance, and secondly to develop the function, that is, to develop polymer materials with physical functions such as light, electricity and magnetism, so that the plastics can have Photoelectric effect, thermoelectric effect, piezoelectric effect, etc.

Copolymer composite packaging film for water filled plastic traffic barriers

Investment in water filled plastic traffic barriers to develop non-polar, polar ethylene copolymers, which will greatly enhance the tensile and co-extrusion properties of plastic films, and improve transparency, seal strength, stress resistance, crack resistance, and stability. Performance, improved molecular weight cloth and extrusion rheological properties.

The current development of the plastics industry focuses on plastic modification, coating technology for plastic products, rapid biodegradation of waste plastics, and comprehensive recycling technology for plastics.


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