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Injection molding and life improvement of blow molding toolbox
Oct 22, 2018

In the process of making the blow molding toolbox, PP engineering plastics are mainly used. The whole product has good bearing capacity, beautiful appearance and strong plasticity. The color of the portable toolbox is large, and some of them can be used. The inner liner can be separated, and plastic snaps and metal snaps can be used respectively.


The blow molding toolbox has a unique injection molding surface. The higher strength and smooth surface treatment make it easier to wipe the oil. The handle is made of soft rubber and is more ergonomic. The injection molded panel can withstand the bench vise. A wealth of tool modules can be stored in the toolbox drawer.


The blow molding toolbox features superimposed ball slides on both sides of the drawer for excellent smoothness and increased service life. The extended stretch distance allows the drawer to be fully opened for easy extraction of objects inside the drawer. Each drawer has a self-locking function.http://www.everonplastic.com/

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