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Main features of Plastic Storage Barrels and product use
Sep 08, 2018

From the appearance point of view, the main characteristics of the Plastic Storage Barrels are: beautiful appearance, smooth surface, light overall quality, good strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and convenient transportation. The product is suitable for all kinds of salted liquid foods, seasonings, medicines and health products, alcohol and fine chemical products.


In practical applications, the plastic storage barrels exhibits good performance, and is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, sterile, odorless, and has excellent resistance to stretch and impact. Moreover, in the storage and transportation of storage, weights and cans, the whole process greatly saves space and saves materials. Light weight, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, pollution reduction, super clean, in line with medical testing requirements.


The main purpose of Plastic Storage Barrels:

Can be used in food packaging, such as sauce, oil, vinegar, spices, milk, lactic acid and other packaging;

For beverage packaging, common wine, sake, fruit wine, mixed wine, juice, mineral water and other packaging;

Used in the chemical industry, including fine chemicals, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, treatment agents, cleaning agents, etc.;

It can also be used in the medical industry, for example, as a medical reagent, disinfectant, developer, styling solution, distilled water, etc.


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