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Main performance characteristics of the blow molding toolbox
Aug 25, 2018

The blow molding toolbox can be designed as a single-layer or double-layer toolbox, making it an ideal packaging tool for a wide range of tools, instruments and meters. Its characteristics are beautiful, affordable and shockproof. At present, the blow molding toolbox is mainly applied to a series of toolboxes such as hand tools, kit tools, sleeve tools, steam tools, and power tools.


Some blow molding toolboxes with folding function are very strict in the design of the box, and the drop test is carried out after the tool is installed to ensure the product quality. In the process of manufacturing and manufacturing this product, in order to ensure the quality of the product, the stable die blowing time will be strictly controlled, and the weight of the product will be unified, the labor force of the worker will be reduced, and the labor cost will be reduced.


The main performance characteristics of the high quality blow molding toolbox are as follows:

1, waterproof, anti-crushing, dustproof;

2. Configure a bright lock that is easy to open;

3. The overall structure of the hollow blow molding toolbox is firm, light and shockproof;

4, comfortable handle, easy to use;

5, rainproof, impact resistant, green and environmentally friendly.


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