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Performance and structural design of medical cooling boxes
Feb 13, 2019

Medical cooling box can be used in hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, etc. This kind of cooling box is controlled by microcomputer, digital temperature display, the temperature inside the box is adjustable from -15°C to -40°C; and it has high and low temperature alarm function, users can set according to need Alarm temperature point. The medical cooling box has multiple layers of protection functions, such as power-on delay protection and shutdown interval protection.

The medical cooling box has a faster cooling speed, and the configured evaporator structure is advanced in design, the cooling area is increased, thereby increasing the cooling speed; the ultra-thick high-density insulation layer has good heat preservation effect; and the fluorine-free environmentally-friendly refrigerant is used to protect the ozone layer, which is true "green product. At the same time, it also adopts humanized design, ultra-quiet and low power consumption.

In the internal structure design of the medical cooling box, the multi-layer shelf design is especially used, which is more conducive to storing different medical supplies, the inner and outer double-layer door design, locking the air-conditioning and strengthening the heat preservation effect; and adopting the safety door lock design to prevent random Open; the liner is made of stainless steel; four casters, two adjustable.


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