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Performance characteristics and color classification of the Plastic Combination Tool Box
Oct 31, 2018

The Plastic Combination Tool Box is mainly used for injection molding. Its color is blue, green, red, yellow, black, anti-static, conductive, etc.The Plastic Combination Tool Box is moisture-proof and tamper-proof, non-toxic, tasteless and wear-resistant, impact resistance, safety and health, quality inspection-free.


The Plastic Combination Tool Box is very suitable for use in electronic hardware factories. The main styles of products used in various industries such as plastic component turnover are oblique mouth parts box, flat part box, plug-in part box, back-hanging part box, group box. Parts box.


The performance characteristics of the Plastic Combination Tool Box are very prominent. Its main performances are light weight, excellent chemical stability and excellent electrical insulation properties. Its plastic products are lighter materials, and the relative density is generally 0.9-2.2. between. Most plastics have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Especially known as plastic king PTFE, it is an ideal anti-corrosion material that can work on corrosive and viscous liquid pipelines.

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