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Plastic water tank for squat toilet is easy to purchase and easy to use
Dec 24, 2018

The plastic water tank for squat toilet is smooth inside and outside during the operation. It has good hygienic and anti-ultraviolet ability, impact resistance, strong earthquake resistance, not easy to aging, no long algae, easy to rinse, anti-mouse, anti-termite easy to install and move. The general acid and alkali resistant water tank can hold high temperature liquids, chemicals, and strong acid and alkali liquids. Generally can withstand 90 degrees high temperature, the lowest can withstand minus 30 degrees low temperature. After adding the formula, the temperature can be above 110 degrees.

The requirements for the purchase of plastic water tank for squat toilet

1. The plastic water tank for squat toilet should pay attention to the appearance of the product when it is purchased, to see if it is damaged, especially if the thickness of the plastic container is seen, and whether there are black spots on the surface of the container.

2. The main material of the plastic water tank for squat toilet is the use of various chemical compounds. The chemical composition will emit harmful substances when it meets extreme conditions. When selecting, it must be carefully and carefully. There is a small mark under each plastic container, usually at the bottom of the plastic container, a small triangle with 1 to 7 numbers in the small triangle. Each number represents a different material, and we can choose a plastic container based on the number.

3. Smell of plastic containers. Generally, the plastic container tastes better than the plastic with poor quality. The taste of the device is light, and the plastic taste of the bad quality container is relatively strong.

4. When choosing a plastic container, you should pay attention to its color, look at the sun, view from the side, if it is turbid, it is better than very transparent, which means that the chemical composition of this inclusion is relatively small.


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