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Preferred process for forming plastic water storage tanks and its manufacturing process
Oct 09, 2018

Many users of plastic water storage tanks know that plastic water storage tanks can be used for a wide range of applications and durability due to their excellent materials and manufacturing processes. When the plastic water storage tank is made, the PE polyethylene advanced grade raw material powder is mainly loaded into the rotomolding mold, so that the PE powder is rotated around the two horizontal 90 degree axes in the rotomolding mold while heating and rotating. .


Due to the tumbling movement of the PE powder during the production rotation process of the plastic water storage tank, the friction between the two and the surface of the rotomolding mold are dragged to the PE powder, so that the PE powder is continuously integrated into the outside of the mold. When the rotary motion to gravity can cause the gravity of the PE powder to bear, the PE powder can pass over the PE powder container to reach the mold wall on the other side, and the PE powder rotates completely with the rotational molding mold.


Through repeated cycles of heated rotating motion, the PE powder is fused and the balanced adhesive is fused on the inner wall of the rotomolding mold to achieve the desired thickness and then cooled. Finally, the plastic water storage tank After the molding, the hollow plastic water storage tank is taken out from the mold.


Compared with traditional production and processing processes, rotomolded plastic water storage tanks have a very large advantage in terms of investment cost and manufacturing cycle of production equipment, or process flexibility. Therefore, the rotomolded plastic water storage tank is the best choice for small-volume production of hollow and seamless containers of different specifications in fully enclosed or semi-closed.


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