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Process, characteristics and purchasing requirements of plastic water bottles
Oct 15, 2018

Plastic water bottle is also a kind of plastic product with a lot of daily life. It uses polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials. After adding the corresponding organic solvent, after heating at high temperature, it is blown and blown through plastic mold. Or injection molded plastic containers. It has the characteristics of not easy to be broken, low in cost, high in transparency, and food-grade raw materials.


Pay special attention when using plastic water bottles. Do not touch vinegar, detergent, etc., avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, etc., to avoid chemical reactions. In addition, when purchasing plastic water bottles, you should select products with PE or PP labeling, less decorative patterns, colorless, odorless, and smooth surface.


There are many ways to make polyethylene in plastic water bottles. The most common one is to polymerize ethylene at a high temperature of 200-300 ° C and a pressure of 1000-2000 atmospheres. In polyethylene, it is not doped with other substances, so the polyethylene produced is low in density, soft in texture, and has high stability to sunlight, air, moisture and chemical agents, so no additional stabilizer or plasticizer is needed. . The plastic water bottle thus produced can be safe, convenient to carry, not afraid of falling, has acid and alkali resistance characteristics, and is also beneficial for recycling.


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