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Production process and advantages of plastic outdoor play equipment
Nov 29, 2018

General large-scale outdoor amusement setting components, such as slides, door fans, houses, etc.are made of FRP. The products have many molding processes and long time. The products are rough in appearance and unsightly in appearance, so the grade is low. At the same time, the harmful substances produced in the process of producing components of amusement facilities with FRP have high toxicity and serious environmental pollution. It is not conducive to the health of children and young children if they use this product for a long time. For everyone's safety, it is recommended to use plastic outdoor play equipment.

The plastic outdoor play equipment is a plastic product which overcomes the above-mentioned defects of the prior art and is manufactured by a molding process with simple process, fast forming speed and low cost. The specific production process is as follows: firstly, a quantitative powdery resin is added into the mold; the mold is heated by an external heating source for a certain period of time, and the mold is rotated at the same time; the mold is kept warm to a certain temperature; the mold is cooled, and the mold is taken out.

It should be noted that in the process of producing plastic outdoor play equipment, before the powder tree film is added into the mold, the banana water is used to clean the oil and impurities in the cavity, and then the powder resin is quantitatively added into the mold, and the fineness of the powder resin. It should be 35-37 mesh, and the shape is round and the cube is the best.

The external heating source adopts a heating chamber. After the mold enters the heating chamber, the heating temperature in the heating chamber is 260°C-275°C, and the mold keeps rotating, the heating time is 10-20 minutes, and the rotation speed is 27-45 rpm. For articles with desirable properties, the heating cycle should be such that the resin is optimally sintered. After the material has been completely sintered in the mold, the heating should be stopped and the mold should be kept at 140 ° C - 170 ° C, and then into the cooling process.

The production process of plastic outdoor play equipment has the advantages of simple process structure, easy control of molding cycle and stable product quality. At the same time, since the mold adopting the process does not bear pressure during use, and there is no need to install a complicated water cooling pipe, the mold is simple and the relative production cost is low.


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