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Safety standards for the production of plastic toys for children
Sep 30, 2018

For the safety of children, in the production process of children's plastic toys, the packaging design requirements for various products should be clearly defined and specified, and reference basis for IQC, QA and LAB testing should be provided; suitable for toy products, competitive products and charging. Packaging design and inspection of the product.


Secondly, the state stipulates that children's plastic toy products must pass the national compulsory products seriously, that is, they must have the "CCC" logo. If there is no 3C certification on the product, it is a fake and shoddy product. However, the 3C logo is not a quality mark. It is only a basic safety certification. It can only prove that the product is qualified, but it cannot prove the excellent performance of the product.


High-quality children's plastic toys are much better than the inferior plastic toys in terms of gloss and color. Because high-quality children's plastic toys are made of plastic materials such as PVC, PP, PE, etc., the plastic itself is very shiny. In addition, plastic bags and plastic films used in children's plastic toy packaging or toys should be between 0.036mm and 0.038mm thick.

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