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Sealing materials and safety protection standards for plastic toolboxes
Oct 19, 2018

The plastic toolbox safety protection box is designed and developed by our professional team. To a certain extent, it adheres to the latest international design concept and strictly follows the highest safety protection standards. The plastic toolbox adopts the improved engineering plastics. The raw material of the protective box has good weather resistance and can work in the ambient temperature range of -40 ° C to 90 ° C.


The plastic tool box can resist UV radiation, strong impact, anti-wear, anti-aging and flame retardant. The whole product is designed with unique manual valve to solve the problem of air pressure difference, more durable and waterproof. The internal humanized detail design is convenient for safe use of instruments and equipment.


The plastic toolbox uses its high-quality sealing material for its production. Its ergonomic handle is designed with a rubberized design. It is comfortable and reduces fatigue. It is equipped with an egg pit sponge and a dicing sponge. It is enhanced and easy to use. Used in various fields such as instruments, instruments, military, fire, electronics, power, communications, aviation, chemical, nuclear power, exploration, scientific research, medical, transportation, photography, etc.

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