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Self-locking function and durability of portable plastic toolbox
Sep 10, 2018

The work surface of the portable plastic toolbox is made of its unique injection molding. When it is operated, its strength and smooth surface treatment will make it easier to wipe the oil. The hand is made of soft rubber and is more suitable for ergonomic injection molding. Withstand bench vise work.

The portable plastic toolbox can store a wide range of tool modules in the drawer. During the operation, the stacked ball slides on both sides of the drawer have excellent smoothness and improved service life. The extended stretch distance allows the drawer to be fully opened for easy extraction of objects inside the drawer.

Each drawer of the portable plastic toolbox has a self-locking function. The two sides of the product are double-layer steel plate with mesh plate and steel plate on both sides. When used, the cabinet can be made stronger and durable. The mesh plate is used for mesh. Hang tools or accessories to extend the use of features.


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