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Specification colors and features of plastic umbrella base
Nov 27, 2018

The plastic umbrella base is one of the important components of the outdoor umbrella. Generally, its adaptable umbrella rod is 19mm-32mm; while the conventional colors are red, blue, white, etc., the colors can also be matched according to customer requirements. It is mainly used as beach umbrellas, fishing umbrellas, advertising flagpoles, flag poles, goal sticks, balcony clothes, wedding props, etc. It is suitable for large-scale exhibitions, beaches, wilderness, adventure activities, public affairs, mobile stalls, hotels, clubs, schools and other outdoor sports and leisure venues.

The material of plastic umbrella base is HDPE, which is easy to use with a split injection screw connection. There are two reasons for choosing a plastic outdoor umbrella stand. On the one hand, it is light and durable, easy to carry, and free to retract. The telescopic pillar can adjust the height of the umbrella at will, suitable for different environments and terrains, and is simple and stable.

On the other hand, it is also because the plastic umbrella base is easy to disassemble and carry, and it can be quickly folded up when moving. Moreover, it is more durable and easy to clean than other materials, and has various specifications and various colors. It can also print advertising logos and play a certain role in publicity.


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