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Structural design and material characteristics of plastic safety barriers
Nov 22, 2018

The plastic safety barrier is made of modified high-strength and high-toughness plastics. It combines the toughness of plastics. It not only has good flexibility, but also has superior anti-collision ability. The plastic safety barrier not only preserves the original slimness and beauty of the iron guardrail; more importantly, it improves the shortcomings of the original iron rail which is easy to damage, difficult to maintain and easy to dislocate.

Due to the modification of the plastic safety barrier, the high-strength and high-toughness plastics are highly resistant to the common destructive factors such as falling, bumping and bumping. Therefore, its anti-oxidation ability is high, it is not easy to age and become brittle, and the plastic is generally plastic. The safety barrier can be used for 5-10 years, and the colors can be arbitrarily matched.

The whole design of the plastic safety barrier is mainly composed of components. The unique combination design not only facilitates repair and replacement of components, but also mainly aims to extend its service life. It can be widely used in traffic isolation places such as property and construction sites. Combined with a crystal lattice as a reflective material, it improves the effect of warning and isolation.


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