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Structural features and materials of fresh cooler box
Sep 26, 2018

The fresh cooler box is more user-friendly in design, durable and light in thermal insulation; its internal injection molding process, the design of the partition groove can be inserted into the partition, the internal space is used separately according to the actual situation, the box cover is adopted The limit strip can effectively prevent the box cover from being damaged when the angle is too large; the seal strip taken when the box cover is sealed is a PU foam seal, which has good filling property and good sealing performance.


The fresh cooler box is designed with a keyhole structure, which can lock the box during delivery to ensure the safety of the product during distribution; and adopts ABS engineering plastic handle, which is durable and durable; and ABS engineering plastic double hinge link


Before use, the fresh cooler box should be cleaned and dried with a neutral detergent. Put all kinds of food or drinks into the box and cover them tightly. The fresh-keeping refrigerator should be covered for a long time. After each food is taken, the lid should be covered immediately to avoid the loss of heat.


Since the cold air flows downwards, it is better to put various foods or drinks in the fresh cooler box before placing the ice cubes or the special ice box on the food. In addition, direct sunlight should be avoided to reduce the cooling power. It is recommended to use in the environment below 60 °C.


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