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Structure, characteristics and quality inspection of hospital bed head panel
Nov 15, 2018

The medical bed used in the hospital is a medical device that is very important and convenient for us. The medical plastic head panel is an important part of the medical bed. Its use increases the safety of the patient; at the same time, it can be easily shaken to the patient's needs. The angle of the seat and the back of the multi-angle adjustment and the angle adjustment of the legs; allows the patient to easily read, eat, write and other functions in the bed.


The medical plastic headboard is made of all-plastic structure. It is made of imported ABS plastic. It is beautiful, light and firm. The material of medical plastic headboard also has the advantages of impact resistance, aging resistance and high toughness. Used in refrigerator casings, construction machinery and medical beds.


Under the standard light source, the medical plastic headboard should be free of scratches, deformations, weld lines, charring, perforation, impurities, color lines, whitening, and protruding defects; at the same time, it must withstand the impact test, that is, the height 1 Rice, steel ball weighs 1000 grams, no cracks or damage at room temperature; the internal stress test of medical plastic headboard is also very important, and the product must not have cracks.http://www.everonplastic.com/

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