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The benefits of using a rotomolding process to make plastic containers
Sep 29, 2018

Cost is an important consideration in the manufacturing process of plastic containers, so the rotational molding process has a market advantage over other types of processes. When compared with the blow molding process and the injection molding process, the rotational molding process can easily produce parts of different sizes within an effective cost range; without an internal core, a small change can be made into another model.


Since the various components in the plastic container manufacturing process are finally formed under the high temperature and rotating process, unlike those formed under heavy pressure, the rotational molding die does not need to be specially processed like the injection molding process. Only then can withstand the test of heavy pressure.


Compared with other processes, the rotomolding process of plastic containers provides more design space. It is only necessary to have a reasonable drawing design in the early stage of making plastic containers, and it is possible to combine several parts into one complete mold. Greatly reduced high assembly costs. In addition, the versatility of the design of the plastic container rotomolding process makes the use of the process even higher.


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