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Vertical plastic water storage tanks are durable and durable
Jan 31, 2019

Vertical plastic water storage tanks are made of high-quality raw materials and are manufactured in strict accordance with processing standards. The molded products have no weld seams, acid and alkali resistance, collision resistance, thick heat resistance and freeze resistance. The installation and transportation are safe and convenient, and no maintenance is required.

Vertical plastic water storage tanks are widely used in various chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, beverage companies, pure water companies, electronics companies, acid, alkali, salt, water storage.

Vertical plastic water storage tanks have the advantages of no rust, no water leakage, and no secondary pollution, so they can be used as drinking water, water treatment, fire water and other water storage facilities.

The water tank stores both cold water and hot water. The color of the plastic water tank is white, blue, orange, black, etc., users can choose.

In general, vertical plastic water storage tanks meet the standards of sanitary foods. The one-step molding process ensures good overall process performance, no welds, good barrier properties, stable chemical properties, high strength, impact resistance, oxidation resistance and resistance. Good aging performance and durability.



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