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What are the performance characteristics of HDPE Plastic Pontoon?
Nov 10, 2018

The HDPE plastic pontoon is the main product of the whole floating platform system. The single pontoon is constructed by a pontoon system connected with various accessories, and is designed into various engineering floating platforms and water recreation platforms. HDPE plastic floats are made of imported HDPE and exhibit anti-corrosion and anti-UV properties.


Due to the design of the surface of the HDPE plastic pontoon, it can be anti-slip and scratch-resistant, which saves people from the common dangers of common wood products and makes the pontoon safe and stable. And it has high bearing capacity, can carry 1000kg per square meter without deformation.


Depending on the conditions of use, the HDPE plastic pontoon has a life span of 8-15 years. At the same time, it can be widely used in various fields. Due to its buoyancy characteristics, the floating platform of the water can automatically rise and fall with the water level. safe and comfort.


The HDPE plastic pontoon adopts a modular structure as a whole, which can meet the needs of various landscapes and quickly change the platform shape: the appearance is bright and beautiful, and the shape is beautiful, which adds icing to the scenic spot and enhances the publicity effect. In addition, the cost is reasonable and economical. From a long-term perspective, the cost and time of maintenance, maintenance, replacement and overhaul can be saved.http://www.everonplastic.com/

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