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Toolbox Features Introduction
Aug 21, 2018

1. The table surface uses the unique injection molding, the strength is higher, the clean surface treatment is easier to wipe the oil, the hand uses the soft rubber whole injection molding processing, more conforms to the human-machine project--injection panel can withstand the bench vise operation

2 Toolbox drawer can store a wealth of tool modules 3 drawer on both sides of the use of superimposed ball slide, with excellent smoothness and improve the service life.

Lengthen the stretching distance so that the drawer can be completely open, easy to extract the objects inside the drawer.

4 each drawer has self-locking function 5 The two sides of the Toolbox are made of double-layer steel plate with steel plate in the mesh, which makes the box more sturdy and durable.

The mesh plate is used for hanging tool or accessory, extending the function of use. 6 Central lock adopts ring key structure, which can prolong the service life of the lock.

-In order to avoid the loss of the key can not open the drawer, each lock with a corresponding number, as long as the number, you can reconfigure the keys.

7 Toolbox with a new composite material made of anti-collision bar

8. Moderate in size, can be stored in the car trunk, convenient and quick

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