Floating Ball Aerator

  • Floating Ball Aerator

    The Floating Ball Aerator produced by our company is made of good engineering plastic. It has great buoyancy and high strength. HDPE float resist impact, acid-alkalinity and sun exposure, one piece blow molded.

  • Three Floating Balls Impeller Aerator

    Three floating balls impeller aerator pond aeration can create conditions for high-density fish pieces, to obtain high yield and improve economic efficiency. Purify the water, eliminate waste, and reduce fish diseases, promoting fish growth. Mixing water, adjust the upper and...

  • Aerator Floating Ball

    This Aerator Floating Ball can significantly increase the oxygen in water, improve water quality, effectively prevent fish death, because fish oxygen to stimulate growth, raise fish breeding.
    During the strong water circulation, oxygen can be dissolved into the water...

  • Floating Oxygen Ball Aerator

    EVERON Plastic has professional equipment, precision-designed tools and advanced blow mold technology provide high-quality blow molding Floating Oxygen Ball Aerator; we have been in the plastic blow molding industry for more than 20 years, offering a comprehensive product...

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