Floating Oxygen Ball Aerator

EVERON Plastic has professional equipment, precision-designed tools and advanced blow mold technology provide high-quality blow molding Floating Oxygen Ball Aerator; we have been in the plastic blow molding industry for more than 20 years, offering a comprehensive product integration solution based on customer requirements.

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Functions of Floating Oxygen Ball Aerator

Enrich dissolved oxygen to prevent shrimp, fish, eel or other aquatic products from dying caused by lack of oxygen, especially in bad whether.

Increase water current to make shrimp, fish and other aquatic products grow more quickly and healthily.

Airing out harmful gas, the aerator has strong airing function and can remove the harmful gas, like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon monoxide etc.

Improve water quality, reduce algae, enhance fish health & growth, reduce harmful dissolved gases and clarify water.

Why Choose Us?

Abundant export experience, satisfying all your special requirements;

Warranty for one year for all products;

Personalized customization for product styles, materials and quality;

Screening and controlling product source material strictly

Inspecting each product strictly over three times.

We are direct manufacturer. We have excellent quality, competitive price, and satisfactory after-sales service.

Our raw materials are environmentally friendly, 100% fully recyclable, and more durable.


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