Plastic Accessory

  • Agricultural Machinery Plastic Parts

    Agricultural Machinery Plastic Parts have a series of excellent properties such as low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, good friction reduction and self-lubricating properties.
    Nowadays, many parts of agricultural machinery are made of...

  • Plastic Sprayer Parts

    EVERON has been engaged in plastic line of business for many years. We manufacture various kinds of plastic sprayer parts, lotion pump, and other plastic & cosmetic packaging. Also, we offer coordinated services from development of new product to production.

  • Lawn Mower Plastic Parts

    1. The intensity is greater. The mower plastic parts are a lightweight, high-strength material.
    2. Good processing characteristics. Plastics can be processed into a variety of shapes according to the requirements of use, and the processing process is simple, suitable...

  • Harvester Plastic Parts

    Made of EVERON Jiangsu, China with professional R&D team Waterproof PU surface.
    High density and thickness foam for seat cushion and backrest, more comfortable to sit on.
    Easy for installation
    The mounting size can be customized as your needing.

  • Plastic Car Creeper

    Plastic Car Creeper is one piece blow molded creeper that made out of HDPE plastic. It is light weight but strong. With its impact resistant, it gives users extra comfort while laying on it. The carry handle makes it easy to pick up, position, or transport. It fits...

  • Automotive Plastic Fuel Tank

    Blow-molded based Automotive Plastic Fuel Tank offers the perfect balance between safety, weight and cost for automotive fuel applications. Weight reduction, thus better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions: an average plastic tank weighs one-third less than an average steel...

  • Wiper Kettle

    EVERON has been working to provide blow molded parts due to the need for lightweight in automotive development and the fact that automakers are using more and more plastic parts to replace metal parts.
    The Wiper Kettle tank is an important part of the water-cooled...

  • Expansion Tank

    The function of the plastic automobile expansion tank is to ensure that the radiator is filled with the coolant, so that the coolant in the radiator has a space to be released when it is heated and expanded. There is compensation capacity when cooling and shrinking, and there...

  • Sun Visor

    Sun Visor gives protection to the user or people in the front seat who are more vulnerable to sun rays. Having this visor, can safeguard your eyes while driving, Plus! It has night anti-glare for more concentration on driving and at night.

  • Blow Molded Plastic Car Seat

    * 5-point harness system with super strong buckle
    * Adjustable headrest
    * Comfortable shoulder belt adjustment
    * Soft seat base with large space
    * Separate backrest and seat base

  • Plastic Car Safety Seat

    We are supplying blow molding Plastic Car Safety Seat for many famous customers all over the world for several years, with superior quality and pretty competitive price, such as Good baby Which has been built a long-term and firm business relationship with our company!

  • Plastic Baby Car Seat

    Taking the time to find the right Plastic Baby Car Seat for your child is critical. You can't bring a baby home from the hospital or transport one in the family car without a car seat.
    Learn more about the different car seat types and features, to save big on all of...

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