Water Floating Platform

Our product, the Water Floating Platform is widely used in various kinds water platform project, such as plastic dock, floating bridge, catwalk, boat dock, motorboat dock, water restaurant, water paradise, floating wooden house, water leisure platform, swimming pool and some other water project.

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Plastic HDPE modular Water Floating Platform Specifications:

Dimension: 500mm×500mm×400mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 7.0Kgs/ pc ± 0.3Kgs/ pc

Floating Capacity: 350Kgs/ M2

Raw Material: HDPE

Preference Temperature: -60°C/+80°C Color available: orange, blue, gray, and black




Load Capacity:

Each one square meter is made up of four pontoons, top load is 325kgs.

Draft without load: 2.5-3cm;

Draft with load of 150kgs: 15-20cm (safe);

Draft with load of 300kgs:35-40cm (load limit)

Anti Wind Wave:

1. The wave on water surface between 2-class and 3-class belongs to safe applicable range.

2. The wave on water surface between 3-class and 6-class can be applicable; however, the safety protection must be reinforced.

3. The wave on water surface between 6-class and 9-class is the restricted applicable range (it is suggested that the shipping shall not be parked and the visitors shall not be in or out).

Attention: to avoid shaking of the dock, the area of internal lake’s dock is not less than 30 square meter; the area of stage is not less than 100 square meter.


1. If the water depth does not exceed 3 meters, the steel piles should be placed in the appropriate position and then connected by wheels. This will prevent the floating dock from moving laterally, but it can be automatically raised and lowered to match the water level.

2. If water is over 3m in depth, anchoring can be used by sinking the anchorage block pulled by steel cables to the water bottom.

Water Floating Platform Advantages

1. Safety: with patterns on the top surface, Modular Water Floating Platform is free from dangers, Also it has no sharp comers and is stable enough to walk on.

2. High Compression: Average compression load is over 1000kg per square meter.

3. Versatility: can be used widely in various fields

4. Economy: free maintenance and low upkeep

5. Convenience /Simplicity of construction: can be easily quickly installed dismantled

6. Durability: resistant to UV rays, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals, and oil.

7. Changeability: one connecting pin holds four modules together , permitting the assembly of any size and any configuration on the water the assembly can be changed to meet the requirements.

8. Strength: Diagonal lugs’ tensile strength is over 1950kg approved by the official authorities; test speed is 50mm/min. This is the Most Important Item to the quality, because the connecting is the foremost factor to the pontoon’s quality.

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